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Biography of Giovanni De Luca

Nationality: Italian

Resides in Stein AG, Switzerland

Trained as a book offset printer

Attended the Basel School of Arts and Crafts

After honing his skills at the Basel School of Arts and Crafts, De Luca fully embraced his passion for painting.

"A painting comes to life through the eyes of the beholder" (Pablo Picasso)


De Luca believes that the viewer brings the painting to life through their perception, imbuing it with their own interpretations and emotions.

Giovanni De Luca is renowned for his exuberant paintings featuring pendulums, trapezes, and spinning machines. With his art, he infuses the world with a vibrant energy, creating a harmonious relationship between the paintings and their surroundings.

De Luca's masterful use of color creates a powerful aura of dynamism and brilliance in his work. He is an abstract artist, known for his inventive techniques, such as fusing colors and textures to create a unique visual experience. Through his tireless exploration, De Luca has developed a personal style that is a fusion of various techniques.


Current world events and personal experiences have always served as inspiration for De Luca's work. These experiences shape him, and as he paints, his emotions come to life, creating a dynamic energy within the artwork. De Luca's insatiable curiosity and love of life drive him to capture the world around him with his brushes.

After a debilitating accident, De Luca was unable to paint for several years. The pain was a constant companion, and he struggled to see the beauty in life. He lacked inspiration and motivation to paint. But with determination and resilience, he rediscovered his passion for art. "The journey is just as important as the destination."

Images, colors, and forms once again danced in his mind, and in 2019, De Luca picked up his brush and paint, reclaiming his place as a masterful artist.

De Luca's art is a journey of self-discovery, just as he experienced it. He creates a world where obstacles are seen as opportunities to grow and thrive

Exhibitions 2021


1.6.2021 - 30.6.2021   Galerie L33             (9470 Werdenberg)

4.7.2021 - 31.7.2021   Galerie UnsereArt (5330 Bad Zurzach)

12.11.2021 - 4.12.2021 Die Kunst Lebt     ( 79539 D Lörrach)


Exhibitions 2022


21.4.2022 – 15.5.2022 see (h) arte          (78315 D Radolfzell)

3.6.2022 – 22.7.2022 Kunst in der Gemeindegalerie (8957 Spreitenbach)

16.10.2022 – 25.2.2023 Kellenberger AG (5036 Oberentfelden) Dauerausstellung

27.10.2022 – 30.10.2022 Art Innsbruck 22    (Ö Innsbruck)
25.9.2022 – 16.10.2022 Galerie am Bach Italien zu Gast  (5015 Erlinsbach)

Exhibitions 2023

27.4.2023 – 7.5.2023 Galerie Müllerhaus (5600 Lenzburg)

29.6.2023 – 16.7.2023 Galerie am Lindenhof  (8001 Zürich)

01.8.2023 – 31.8.2023 Thomson Gallery Fine Art (Artboxy) (6300 Zug)

27.8.2023 – 10.9.2023 Galerie am Bach 40 Jahre Jubiläum (5015 Erlinsbach)

06.10. 2023 15.10.2023 Im Schloss in Arbon  (9320 Arbon)

01.10.2023 – 31.10.2023 Casa del Arte (Artboxy) (E Palma)

26.10.2023 – 29.10.2023 Art Innsbruck 23    (Ö Innsbruck)

01.12.2023  31.12.2023 Andakulova Gallery (Artboxy) (Dubai)

Cooperation with Bota Art Gallery (Austria) 2023

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