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My art should serve as a place of self-encountering as I have experienced it.


Artist Statement

Giovanni De Luca


My paintings are a manifestation of my personal experiences and the memories they evoke. The power to recall and reflect on memories holds great importance to me, imbuing me with a strengthened sense of self. As an observant and curious individual, I delve into my own life experiences, translating them into visually captivating images through my artistic vision.


My paintings exude a harmonious balance of dynamic energy and luminous brilliance, achieved through my mastery of various techniques. My painting process is both methodical and spontaneous, as the image comes to life in its own unique way, creating a personal and dynamic work of art. My intention in painting is to engage with real-life events and experiences, using the medium of paint to capture these moments in my own, inimitable style.


In the hectic pace of life, we often overlook what is happening around us. We focus on the necessities, but they do not bring us fulfillment. Through my art, I aim to ignite a connection with the viewer's consciousness, enhancing their appreciation for the beauty in their daily lives. My abstract art serve as a sanctuary of self-discovery, reflecting my own journey. I hope to create a world where obstacles are viewed as opportunities for growth and personal triumph.

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